The Swedish striker only just retired, but is apparently keen to get back into the game as per reports from Italy.

Although he only just retired last season, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is reportedly keen on getting back into the game.

The Swedish star had a frustrating end to his second spell at AC Milan, where he spent quite a bit time out injured before being forced to hang up his boots. However, Ibrahimovic is apparently already planning to make a swift return to the Stadio San Siro - but not as a player.

Indeed, as per reports from Italy, the 41-year-old former striker has been involved in discussions with Milan's leadership about some kind of team liaison role. While Ibrahimovic doesn't have a coaching license and thus could not feature as an assistant to current boss Stefano Pioli, the same report references Ibrahimovic's strong leadership skills and rapport with many of his colleagues in the dressing room.

As such, he could act as a go-between the players and coach Pioli as a team manager, something that has been sorely missing since Paolo Maldini's shock exit early this year.

Still, fans looking forward to seeing Ibrahimovic return to the Stadio San Siro should not get ahead of themselves, as the report notes that the discussions are still at a preliminary stage. There are apparently further meetings planned before the end of the year to further discuss expectations on both sides as to how to exactly shape the role and how Ibrahimovic would fit into the team's new structure.

Meanwhile, Milan will be looking to continue keeping pace with current league leaders Inter when they travel to face Cagliari on Wednesday.

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