Team chairman Daniel Levy did not hold back when discussing further plans for the club, which could include renaming the stadium via a sponsorship deal.

Can you imagine Daniel Levy leaving Tottenham due to a massive offer? Apparently, that idea was closer to happening than expected by anyone close to the team.

Speaking in an interview with Bloomberg, Spurs' chairman admitted that there have been big bids to see him leaving control of the North London side, but those offers have not been as satisfying to tempt him into leaving his post.

"Nothing has been put on our table that we felt has been in the interests of shareholders. I've got no real interest to leave Tottenham, but I have a duty to consider anything that anyone may want to propose. It's not about me, it's about what's right for the club,"Levy stated.

The English exec revealed the reasons behind this decision and how he has to answer to the interests of those who have invested their money in the team.

"We have 30,000 shareholders who own approximately 13.5 per cent. We run this club as if it is a public company. If anyone wants to make serious propositions to the board of Tottenham, we will consider it along with our advisors. And if we felt it was in the interests of the club, we would be open to anything,"Levy added.

Speaking about other business decisions, Levy spoke of the possible rebranding of the stadium, something that seems like a long shot with each passing season.

"If we get the right naming rights partner — and when I say that, I mean somebody who pays the right money in the right sector — then we are willing to consider doing it. But we're not as tied to doing it now as perhaps we would've been when we first looked at building the stadium,"Levy concluded.