The decision to part ways with the club is believed to be temporary, as the owners could consider a new bidding war in 2025.

Manchester United fans who were delighted about the possibility of seeing their current owners selling their favorite club will surely not like the following lines, as the Glazer family has reportedly decided not to accept any offers for the team, taking it off the market with immediate effect.

The family in control of the Red Devils has never stepped up to accept in public they were keen on selling the club, but they did not hesitate to accept offers from a number of suitors, which in the end were narrowed to two potential owners: Sir Jim Ratcliffe and Sheikh Jassim Al Thani.

This decision is not permanent, as representatives for the family have hinted the Glazers are set to open a new bidding process in 2025, when they hope a revamped TV rights agreement and the possibility to play in other competitions, such as the FIFA Club World Cup, can increase interest and the team's value as a bonus.

With this development, sources close to the family and fans believe that the Glazers want to cash in on a potential sell on a long-term basis, especially after the club made its way back to the UEFA Champions League, which carries a huge dividend in terms of exposure and TV rights.

It is yet to be seen how Manchester United's valuation in the stock market reacts to this development, but if things go as their fans believe they will, the problems seen on the pitch would not be the only ones this ownership will have to handle.