The freak incident took place in the game between Fluminense and Argentinos Juniors, which ended in a one-all draw.

The first game in the Round of 16 of the 2023 Copa Libertadores will be tarnished by one of the roughest images in world football history. To make matters worse, it involves one of the most winning players of all time and one of the toughest South American defenders.

The players in question are Real Madrid legend Marcelo and Argentinos Juniors' defender Luciano Sánchez, who got involved in a freak incident where Marcelo broke Sánchez's left leg while trying to dribble past him. 

With the game 1-0 for Argentinos Juniors, Marcelo tried to get away from the sideline to find one of his teammates while controlling the ball. Unfortunately for him, after making it past one of his rivals, he was not able to put his leg anywhere but over Sánchez's leg, which was severely damaged. The ref did not wait too long to send Marcelo off, who asked for medical assistance as soon as he realized what he had done.

The legendary left back left the pitch in tears, and even though fans were apologetic of his actions after he realized what he did, a harsh punishment could be expected due to the seriousness of the injury.

Have a look at this excruciating incident. We do have to warn you that this could be disturbing for some to watch (Image might be geo-restricted).