The Argentine ace is expected to make a decision regarding his future after ending a two-year spell at Parc Des Princes with PSG.

While most fans have voiced their desire to see Messi back with Barcelona, some legendary figures are having second thoughts on that notion, prompting the Argentine to think things twice before having the final say on his future.

In an article written on Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo, former Barcelona coach and assistant to the legendary Johan Cruyff, Carles Rexach, urged Messi to continue playing elsewhere rather than returning to his beloved Blaugrana side.

The former boss believes that Messi's return to Camp Nou could have a negative effect on his legacy, mainly due to the high expectations fans may have on his comeback.

"Keep in mind that these words come from a diehard culé. If I was Messi, I would not return right now to Barcelona. I know it may be a difficult decision for him because it has an undeniable sentimental value to come back to the team he joined when he was a kid. If it was only a sentimental matter, we'd all come back. But if we do a thorough analysis, there are too many things at stake for him, there are so many things that could go wrong," Rexach states.

The former coach reflected on Messi's final days with PSG to illustrate how Barcelona fans could act if they do not see what they were used to see when the Argentine played for the Blaugrana club a couple of years ago, which would end up tarnishing his legacy.

"One of the main risks is that your fans, who have always supported you, could jeer you at some point. Football fans have no memory, and being Messi comes with almost inhuman expectations. Just to compare, Lewandowski won the Pichichi scoring 23 goals and he earns a lot of praise, but Messi scored 21 and fans insulted him on his final game," the former tactician added.

Rexach went on to discuss how there is double standard to why Messi has not joined the club, which should also be considered by his inner circle before they make a decision on his future.

"If Messi returns, it will not be a question of money. The offer from Saudi Arabia is far better than the one he is getting here. What makes me doubt is that two years ago, the narrative to explain his farewell was that 'there was no money to pay him'. Now, we've gone to 'his presence will bring in resources',"Rexach wrote.

The former coach concluded his insight on Messi's return by urging the club to honor the player with a farewell game, and even putting up a memorial for the footballer rather than having him around every week.

"A Barcelona fan like me believes that the time will come to bring Messi back and pay tribute to his career, but before that time comes, we should build a statue of Messi and bring it out to the pitch before every game," Rexach concluded.

La Liga have reportedly approved the plan to bring Messi back to Barcelona. Nevertheless, the player has given the club a two-week ultimatum to sell footballers in order to make way for his signing. Will this be Messi's chance to get back at the club for how they treated him in 2021? We will have to wait and see.