Some of the player's teammates, experts and fans posted their support and respect for the footballer by referring to his massive career with Los Blancos

Karim Benzema's unexpected departure from Real Madrid was quite emotional for fans and experts, who did not hesitate to pour their feelings out on social media.

The player, who is set to leave Los Blancos after 14 years, has been subject to many tributes around the world, with experts coming up with his numbers to praise his career with Los Blancos, fans sharing their comments on his legacy, and even some of his teammates sharing their views on how his exit will have an effect on their careers.

Benzema is set to play one final match for Real Madrid this evening, but his status as a legend with the Spanish giants can no longer be questioned. Here are some of the comments that have been shared on social media after the club and the footballer confirmed his departure a couple of hours ago.

"Benzvini, Vinzema, whatever. The outcome was always the same: goals, laughter, titles, and above all, learning. When that shy kid from São Gonçalo came to Madrid in 2018 you were the first to welcome me. I will never forget that. I grew up with you, we won Spain, Europe, and the world together. I was able to applaud your Ballon D'Or with so much pride. We ended this "duo of darkness" in real life today, but I will always have our videos as inspiration and memories of a time that will not be forgotten. Karim, you will be truly missed. Thanks for everything, legend!"

"Thank you Karim! Your beautiful story here at Real Madrid will live forever. I will keep your advice, love and respect close to my heart. I want to wish you and your family all the best. You're a football and a Real Madrid legend!"

"KB9! Thanks for all those moments we were able to live together. Thanks for your lessons, for every goal or assist and for all the titles we won. Thank you for making me part of your Ballon D'Or run. Writing this seems like a dream for Rodrygo ten years ago, who woke up early on Saturdays to watch Real Madrid playing. You were part of many dreams in my life, both professionally and personally speaking. All I can wish you today is good luck and lots of happiness forever. You are our role model!"