The Portuguese boss left the pitch fuming after the end of the title match, but had a nice gesture with a kid that sat behind the benches.

Suffering his first loss in a UEFA-sanctioned tournament must have been harsh for Jose Mourinho, and even if some might go on to criticize his latest gesture, there will be someone who will never forget what he did right after collecting his runner-up medal.

The Portuguese boss received the very first medal of the evening from UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin and immediately headed to the tunnel, which sparked all sorts of comments against the former Real Madrid coach. But just when you would have thought he was going on a rant, the tactician spotted a Roma fan behind the bench and offered him a present: his runner-up medal.

Mourinho offered the fan twice his medal before eventually throwing it for him to catch the award, causing those who saw the moment to join in a respectful round of applause. The fan, as you would expect, was ecstatic with his recently acquired present.

Have a look at Mourinho's gesture after the final (Image might be geo-restricted).

Here's a closer look at the fan's reaction after Mourinho gave him the medal.

This was the first loss for Mourinho in a UEFA Europa League/UEFA Champions League final after winning five in a row.