The Spanish tactician condemned the incidents at Mestalla Stadium while also asking La Liga's execs to act properly to solve this issue.

Just when football in Spain is living one of its most complicated moments following the racial slurs aimed at Vinicius week in and week out, a key figure in the Spanish top-flight's landscape has emerged to voice his support for the Brazilian.

The man in question is none other than Xavi Hernández, who shared his views on the recent incidents against Real Madrid's winger. With common sense as the main vehicle, Xavi voiced his support for the footballer, urging all those who criticize him for his questionable antics on the pitch not to mix his profession with his rights as a human being.

"We have to go out there and stand by all footballers regardless of their team. Vinicius is not only a footballer, he is a person, This should be a messag for La Liga's president. We really need to stop this," Xavi stated.

Xavi went on to speak about how footballers and coaches have to deal with insults all the time, which has made him wonder why they should tolerate such a behavior from fans.

"This is the only sport where insults are allowed. I am working and I am called a son of a b**ch. I don't see a baker, a laborer or even a journalist having to take this. I believe it's time to stop this. Why should I tolerate those insults? We have to take a stand," Xavi added.

The tactician continued his defense of Real Madrid's footballer, adding that stopping games when such insults take place is the right thing to do, and it should be taken as a precedent to try and stop that behavior.

"I don't need to tolerate insults while I'm working. I have always believed that, but this is the time to stop. I like that question because I have always thought it's the best thing we can do to prevent such situations," Xavi concluded.