The rossoneri compromised their top four chances with this loss, which prompted huge protests from fans that made it to their away game.

Milan's recent performances in Serie A have been a bit lackluster, and fans that made the trip to see their 2-0 loss to Spezia had enough of it and decided to take matters into their own hands.

In what will be one of the most iconic moments of the weekend, Milan footballers led by Olivier Giroud, Theo Hernández, and Simon Kjaer, decided to listen to their fans' complaints right after the game came to an end. Coach Stefano Pioli also listened carefully to what their supporters had to say, maybe in an attempt to soften the impact of their recent loss, but also as a sign of respect to their fans after a woeful performance.

Apparently, the "meeting" ended in good terms since those in attendance cheered for Milan's players once they headed back to their dressing room. We know this will not be a common thing, but we will always appreciate to see one of the top teams in the world listening so carefully to those who devote their time and resources to travel with them.

Have a look at this curious moment right after the Serie A tie (Image might be geo-restricted).