The Cityzens boss came clean about his feelings on when the game against Everton will be played and how it will have an effect on their chances to beat Real Madrid.

The title race in the Premier League will seemingly go on until the final week, and teams must try to cover all possible scenarios to avoid giving their rivals any edge. Such is the case of Manchester City, who have been dealt a blow not only for the domestic tournament, but also for their involvement in the UEFA Champions League.

The English side will be forced to play a tricky fixture on Sunday against Everton, while their continental rivals will be playing one day before, which will grant them one more day recover. This scheduling conflict has given fans and coach Pep Guardiola a bit of a headache, since this issue came as a result of another event being held in Liverpool that prevented two top-caliber events being held at the same time.

In a press conference earlier today, Guardiola admitted that such a scheduling conflict could not be avoided,  but he also revealed it will give him something to think about with such key games coming in the next seven days.

Furthermore, the Spaniard did not blame the league for this problem, but he did state that having so many tournaments to play have caused a few complications for them in recent weeks.

Have a look at Guardiola's statements from earlier today.