After two years and 63 games, Barcelona Femenino's historic winning run has been brought to end.

In a highly anticipated showdown in the F League, Sevilla FC Femenino made history by putting an end to FC Barcelona's dominant unbeaten streak, becoming the first team this season to achieve such a remarkable feat. The eagerly awaited clash took place on matchday 26, a fixture that had been postponed earlier due to the Catalans' European encounter against Chelsea. 

The wait, however, was rather worth it as the match proved to be a true spectacle, showcasing an intense battle between two formidable teams. Sevilla Femenino approached the game without any trace of fear, facing off against the already crowned champions of the F League. In Wednesday's match-up, the hosts adopted a pragmatic approach and waited for the perfect opportunity to strike, with the first half ending with both sides failing to find the breakthrough needed to open the scoring.

The second half began with Sevilla eager to achieve what no other team had managed thus far—a victory or a draw against the mighty FC Barcelona and their persistence paid off. Martín-Prieto showcased her brilliance in the 53rd minute, breaking the deadlock and igniting an eruption of joy among the home crowd.

There was almost the indication that for the first time since 2021, Barcelona were en-route to losing their first-ever game in the league. However, that script was not to be as Ana-Maria Crnogorcevic ensured that at least, the unbeaten run remained intact with a fine finish in the 80th minute, marking the first time since June 2021 that Barca have been unable to clinch a victory.