Eddie Howe stepped up to reveal if the club has ever tried to sign any of these players given the massive funds that back the team since last summer.

Ever since Newcastle is owned by Saudi Arabian investors, fans and experts believed they would go all out to hire the top stars in the world of football.

Some of the names that have been mentioned in different media outlets include Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and other talented footballers. Nevertheless, the club and their coach, Eddie Howe, have something different in mind.

Speaking in a press conference earlier today, Howe ruled out any potential moves for some of the game's biggest names, even if those signings would benefit the club both on and off the pitch.

"Naturally, all the world assumed that big names in the world of football would join Newcastle. We cannot hire players like that right now. Financially speaking, we can't afford to do that, and we have to keep an eye on bringing the right people and those who fit our tactics," Howe stated.

Speaking specifically of Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar, who are supposed to be leaving their current clubs next season, Howe did not hold back when revealing the club has been forced to deal with those rumors ever since he took over.

"Those speculations have existed since day one of our stint. The transfer market is quite complex, it is not as easy as picking a name and bringing him here. We have to think all of our moves, and we have to see them from the economic point of view as well as from how good it will be for the team on the pitch," Howe added.

Before the presser ended, Howe admitted that Neymar and CR7 would be top signings for the club, but he was quite adamant on how the club will handle its transfer business for as long as he remains with the Magpies.

"Ronaldo and Neymar are two amazing players, but those who work for the team, such as myself, know the direction we want to take with this team, as well as what sort of players we will hire this summer," Howe concluded.