The initial moments of El Clásico had some controversy courtesy of Spaniard youngster Gavi and Real Madrid ace David Alaba.

Any edition of the Spanish Clásico needs to have some element of controversy, and it was no different in the first moments of the Copa del Rey clash at Camp Nou.

Fans all over the world were left dumb-founded by the decision of referee Martínez Munuera, who believed David Alaba's block to Gavi's cross was not worthy of a handball, due to the fact that he had his hand on the floor before the ball hit his arm.

However, footage shown by media outlets all over the world gives the impression that Alaba had not placed his arm on the pitch before the ball hit him, which has sparked controversy about that call.

This decision by the referee comes with even more criticism due to the ongoing investigation by UEFA regarding Barcelona's payments to receive an insight by the Spanish Referees' Committee.

Have a look at this action and be the judge. Penalty or not for Barcelona? (Image might be geo-restricted).