The Argentine ace is out of a contract next summer, but American execs are working out a way to hire the talented footballer.

It is a well-known fact that Lionel Messi's presence in any league will create quite a buzz, and it seems that MLS execs know this is the time to hire him to boost all things related to football in the North American league and country.

A recent report by Spanish media outlet Sport suggests that the Argentine legend could be lured to play in the MLS thanks to an innovative approach by the league's execs. The plan, discussed in February by all 29 teams, would see each club paying a portion of Messi's salary, regardless of which team he chooses to join.

While this plan could seem far-fetched to most, the fact that Messi's presence could bring a landslide of endorsements and bids for the leagues¿s media rights could be enough to have all 29 clubs on board. As of now, Messi collects over $1,000,000 a week at PSG, and this plot by MLS execs could be one way to lure him to play in North America.

Even if this plan was approved by the MLS board, there are a coiple of roadblocks to it. The first one would be the implication of having all 29 clubs paying the wages of one player, which may raise some eyebrows within FIFA.

The second hurdle to overcome may be even more complicated, as Messi's inner circle has revealed the player still wants to play in Europe, with offers from PSG and even Barcelona on his agent's desk.

With only three months left before the summer transfer window, it will be interesting to see where Messi ends up playing. Will he choose the North American league, or will he take a pay cut for one more chance at winning the UEFA Champions League? We shall know the answer soon enough.