While the coach denied having any inside information on his player's extension, he dropped a hint on why 'La Pulga' could leave the club.

Ever since the winter transfer window ended, there have only been a few days where there have not been updates or rumors about Lionel Messi's future. Now, it was the turn for PSG's boss to discuss that matter, and his words did not help to ease the tension between the club and "La Pulga", who could embark on a new journey once the season comes to an end.

Speaking in his pre-match press conference ahead of PSG's match against Rennes, coach Christoph Galtier referred to Messi's future with the team, dropping a hint about who could be the one ready to part ways in this relationship.

"I know that Messi and the team's directors speak of several things. I don't know the details of those discussions. When it comes to Messi staying, both parties must work to see that happening. Leo is happy in the locker room, he has scored 18 goals and has handed out 17 assists, he is decisive and he scores goals, and at his age, he comes to train hard every day," Galtier stated.

The coach went even further on this subject, adding that both the club and the player may take longer than expected to reach an agreement.

"I saw some criticism against him following the game against Bayern, but he was not the only player to endure such words. He is happy to be here playing with his teammates, and about his future, I think it is too soon to know what is going to happen," the coach added.

Before the conference came to an end, Galtier urged fans to support their team rather than aiming insults at them, especially after such a tough loss against Bayern in the UEFA Champions League.

"Why would they want to jeer him? We will always put our fans in first place, but there's no reason to insult our players. They gave their best effort. We can't blame one or two players for that elimination, we are out of the tournament because Bayern got to that game in better form than us," Galtier concluded.

Messi, who is set to end his deal with PSG this summer, has been linked to high-profile transfers to Inter Miami, Al Hilal, or even a shocking return to Barcelona. Nevertheless, it seems that fans across the globe will have to wait a bit more to know about the Argentine's next move.