Los Blancos are through to the next round of the competition, but they decided to heap praise on their rivals with this gesture.

Liverpool fans have to be upset following another disappointing end to their clash against Real Madrid, but Los Blancos and their supporters gave them a reason to smile despite their 1-0 loss today.

As soon as the game between the European giants came to an end, the PA system at Santiago Bernabeu stadium started playing the famous "Hala Madrid" song, which is used to celebrate the team's victories. What came as an unexpected but pleasant surprise happened a couple of minutes later, as it would not be the only song played in the stadium's speakers.

Real Madrid's execs reportedly gave the order to pay tribute to Liverpool's fans for their behavior during the first leg, where they paid a minute of silence in memory of Amancio, one of Los Blancos' historic players. This gesture was not overlooked by Real Madrid's hierarchy, and what better way to give something back to their rivals than playing the iconic "You'll Never Walk Alone" song for their rival and their supporters to share a moment.

As seen in the footage, some Real Madrid fans joined in to sing the song with their scarves above their heads, in what can only be taken as a massive sign of respect between both clubs.