The former Blaugrana center back spoke in ill terms of his teammate with Los Culés, urging for a swift decision on this matter.

While most of Dani Alves' former teammates have been cautious when speaking about the Brazilian's current legal problems, Gerard Piqué did not hold back when speaking of the South American footballer and demanded justice to be served, even if it means to see his former partner in defense behind bars.

Speaking in an interview with RAC1, the man who has been getting most headlines recently after being roasted by Shakira in her recent songs, urged Spanish authorities to be "harsh" when it came to sentencing Alves if he is proven guilty of the allegations against him.

"If it happened, they have to be hard on himi to its full extent. If it were up to be, I would be harder on him than in similar situations judges may have seen. I am against the people involved in the "No means no" movement, I just hope the world did not have to go through this. I'd be relentless and tough if these allegations are proven to be true," Piqué stated.

The former center back and businessman admitted his surprise when the accusations emerged, especially because he thought he knew his former teammate very well.

"As a former teammate, I get the feeling that I don't know him anymore. You are shocked because you think you shared everything on and off the pitch. When you look at him, you would never imagine him in such a situation," Piqué added.

Piqué has his say in Barcelona's controversial relationship with the Spanish Referee Committee

In another high-voltage subject involving Los Culés, Piqué shared his thoughts on why the accusations against Barcelona over allegedly having influenced their results by bribing referee exec Enríquez Negreira seem to be orchestrated by other teams. Furthermore, Piqué added he never saw anything that could be considered as foul play on Barcelona's behalf.

"I never knew anything, we had no knowledge whatsoever. I never got to know him (Enríquez Negreira) or his son. I don't think Barcelona paid referees off, I swear to God. If you wanted to do that, you go with a portfolio full of cash and pay them right off, you don't go with the main men of the Referee Committee and pay him a wage, it just wouldn't make any sense," Piqué said.