The Belgian ace spoke about his future away from the Spanish club in a recent interview amid complaints of his high wages with Los Merengues.

Eden Hazard's career at Real Madrid has been an utter disappointment, and being the best-paid player at the Bernabeu with only 296 minutes to show for in the current La Liga season has been taken as an insult by the team's loyal fan base. With that in mind, there has been talk about a transfer away from the Spanish giants, but it seems that Hazard is not willing to end his deal with the 14-time UEFA Champions League winners.

In an interview with Belgian media outlet RTBF, Hazard revealed his intentions to live up to his contract with Los Merengues despite pressures to leave the club from fans and experts. In the discussion, Hazard admitted he has failed to live up to the hype created around his signing, but he is willing to try and turn things around if given the chance.

"I would like to stay, I have always said so. I hope I can play to show that I still can do it. I am aware that people may have doubts, it's normal and I understand where those doubts come from. But if it were up to me, I would like to stay. You never know, but being transferred away is not part of my plans," Hazard stated.

The player referred to the lack of chances he's had to play under coach Ancelotti, stating that if he is given the chance to perform, he could be able to make a difference.

"During the World Cup, I played one, two, three games, I went in crescendo. I am not saying that I will score five goals upon my return after three months away from the pitch. I need time, and I am aware that here (at Real Madrid), there is no time to prove yourself. But I know I can still contribute to the team," the player added.

When it came to speaking about his coach, Hazard did not shy away from the communication problems between himself and the boss, which may be behind his lack of playing time with Los Merengues.

"There's respect between us, but I'm not going to tell you we speak, because that has not happened for a while. There will always be respect between us, even if he decides not to give me a chance to play. I have to respect a guy like Carlo Ancelotti. He is a football icon, and he's had a great career," Hazard concluded.

Hazard became the most expensive transfer in Real Madrid's history back in 2019, when Los Blancos paid Chelsea over $115M for his services. The player's contribution to the Spanish giants has been testimonial, to put it politely, as he has only played 73 games since his arrival, scoring seven goals. He may be included in the team's list of winners of two La Liga titles and one UEFA Champions League crown, but none of those trophies were won with a massive contribution from the Belgian.