The offender has been given a three year ban for his offensive gesture towards the South Korean star during an August clash featuring Chelsea and Tottenham.

Back in August, Chelsea and Tottenham faced off in an entertaining clash at Stamford Bridge. The tie ultimately finished as a two-all draw, but the match was marred by some rather unsavory happenings off the pitch due to a foul gesture made towards one of Tottenham's players by a Chelsea supporter.

Thanks to cameras and eagle-eyed observers who quickly reported the racist actions towards South Korean star Son Heung-Min to anti-racism charity Kick it Out, the offender was quickly identified as Thomas Burchell of Croydon in South London. Burchell, 30, was fined $875 (£726) by the City of London Magistrates' Office. While this may seem like a paltry sum, the biggest punishment came in the form of a non-monetary approach.

In addition to the aforementioned fine, Burchell has been banned from attending live matches for three years, meaning that he will have to follow the Blues' matches from home.

This decision has been applauded by many who have long advocated for racism to be stamped out in football, but others have expressed disappointment that more still isn't being done to handle an ongoing problem that continues to mar the beautiful game.