The Argentine ace's deal is set to come to an end this summer, and rumors about a potential exit have started circling the footballer.

Life for Lionel Messi in Paris has not been easy, especially with former players for Les Parisiens being too harsh with their criticism against "La Pulga".

The latest token of this issue has emerged in the past hours, with former French international and PSG ace Jerome Rothen complaining about the team's intention to extend Messi's deal beyond this summer.

Rothen, who has been quite critical of Messi's performances with the club, voiced his thoughts on why the Argentine and PSG should part ways without any hesitation.

"Messi's contract extension is a shi**y ordeal, even in terms of your squad. We saw PSG being blocked by Financial Fair Play, because their payroll has gone over the roof, and now they face the chance to save big bucks if Messi leaves, because he takes quite a bit of that budget. It is a really bad idea to extend Messi's deal," Rothen said.

The former left back did not hold back with the criticism, and even blasted Messi for what he labeled as his "poor relationship" with PSG's supporters.

"Messi does not care about leading this club. He doesn't even like to thank the fans, he vows his head down and heads into the locker room. Even when he celebrates his goals, you hear fans calling out his name and he has never thanked them," Rothen added.

The Argentine ace has been linked to a move away from PSG during the past months, with Al Hilal and Inter Miami being some of the rumored destinations for the South American. Nevertheless, it seems that Messi's time with Les Parisiens will be confirmed shortly, much to Rothen's disagreement.