MLS will be available to watch on all devices across the globe with this state-of-the-art service. Here is a brief glimpse of all you can access with your subscription.

Starting this season, Major League Soccer's action will be available worldwide in one streaming service: MLS Season Pass.

With this new approach, users will be able to follow up to 500 MLS matches on any of the supported devices, which go from television sets, video game consoles, streaming devices, iPhones, iPads, computers, and of course, on Apple TV. To make things even more interesting, all games will be available on all regions, which means there will be no more blackouts and you will be able to watch all teams regardless of where you live.

This service will have comprehensive coverage of all things related to the tournament, with highlights, news, and original programming exclusive to the league. To make all games even more available to their final users, matches will be available to watch live and on-demand via the system's replay option.

With one of the fastest-growing audiences in recent years, MLS has partnered up with Apple to provide English and Spanish coverage for all games being played. To reach an even wider audience, games for all Canadian teams will also have an option to follow the games in French language.

Additional content on this service will include hundreds of MLS NEXT and MLS NEXT Pro games, plus exclusive streaming rights to Leagues Cup matches across the globe.

Apple TV will have different subscription options for their current users and for those who are yet to use the platform. Additionally, season ticket holders will be given access to the service's content with a complimentary account.

To give fans a taste of what this service will include, AppleTV+ members will get a monthly selection of the best MLS games and Leagues Cup matches, including playoffs for the domestic competition.

The launch of MLS Season Pass will kickoff a ten-year partnership between MLS and Apple, the first of its kind for any professional league.