The Brazilian ace has decided to make a move in his legal team to improve his chances of reaching an agreement with the alleged victim.

The last seven days have not been easy for Dani Alves in the alleged case where he supposedly abused a 23-year-old woman in a night club in Barcelona, and judging by recent revelations, it is bound to get worse for the footballer.

Recent revelations from eye witnesses have made Alves' defense a complicated issue, as some of their statements seem to condemn the footballer's guilt in the events of December 30 at Sutton night club in Barcelona.

One of the statements made public by the Catalan police department state that Alves did not only harrass his alleged victim, but he also tried to force himself on one of the plaintiff's cousin. The witness in question states that Alves took her hand to his private parts until she found a way to get away from him. This recount of the events matches with the alleged victim's statements.

To make matters even worse for the footballer, the man that was part of Alves' entourage that night reportedly reached out to the victim via her cousin (who was also at the night club) and urged her to contact him "in case she needed anything else," as per reports.

The statements revealed by newspaper "La Vanguardia" add that the night club's doorman was able to read into the situation as a panic attack from the alleged victim, asking her to stay in the club so that police officers were able to search the premises for evidence. 

The article by La Vanguardia adds that the Catalan police department decided to withhold the entire evidence from Alves and his attorneys, so he was "tricked into" returning to Barcelona as part of the investigation. Once he made it back to Spain, he was made aware of the entire accusation and placed in custody to prevent him from fleeing.

Alves has been sacked by his Liga MX club, Pumas UNAM, until further developments are revealed by all authorities involved.