Reports from Germany suggest that the injury picked up by the German international is more serious than initially revealed.

The reasons why Bayern München have failed to secure a replacement for Manuel Neuer have finally been revealed, and they have to do with the amount of time their stellar goalkeeper will be out due to an untimely injury.

The player injured his shin bone and his fibula in a skiing accident back in December, and while reports near to the footballer stated he would return to play for the new season, a new article by Bild has revealed that the consequences of the injury could go as far as to see Neuer retiring from football.

The German media outlet states that Bayern were made aware of this fact as soon as the player revealed the injury to his bosses, but chose to withhold that information to keep things at ease between fans and experts. Now, recent inquries to Neuer's entourage have not confirmed these statements...but they have also failed to dismiss them.

With all medical diagnosis in hand, Bayern have started to look for a goalkeeper that can replace Neuer properly, but they are thinking of that solution on the long run and not as a short-term gig. This scenario has complicated things for the Bavarian side, who are ready to offer their new shot-stopper a long-term deal for the next two or three-and-a-half seasons. That would effectively confirm Neuer's retirement if things go properly for the new goalie.

Bayern seemed to have locked Yann Sommer as Neuer's replacement, but fellow Bundesliga side Borussia Mönchengladbach is ready to wait until the end of the season to let the player leave, even if he could do so on a free transfer. The black and white side is apparently determined to defend their ground on this matter, especially if Bayern are not willing to increase the $5M offer accepted by Sommer's inner circle.

Meanwhile, German goalie Manuel Neuer is still recovering from his injury, but neither his camp nor the player himself have stepped up to clarify his future. Will this be the sad end to a prolific career? We shall find out sooner than later.