The French star has dribbled past media representatives after France's games in the competition, and FIFA seem to have had enough of that.

One of the biggest stars in the beautiful game will have to pay dearly for his decision not to speak with the media. 

According to recent reports, Kylian Mbappé will have to pay a fine slapped by football's governing body due to his lack of interest in sharing his views on the competition after France's games against Australia and Denmark.

The player was supposed to share a few words with the press following Saturday's game, in which he was declared the Man of the Match. Nevertheless, Mbappé received the award and walked away without uttering any words.

French media outlets have reported that Mbappé's decision not to speak in front of the microphones was reached in agreement with the French Football Federation (FFF)to avoid questions about his future away from PSG. In fact, it has also been reported that the player's fine would be taken care of by the FFF as a result of this agreement.

Mbappé and France's next game will take place on Wednesday, when Les Bleus try to complete a perfect group stage by defeating Tunisia.