The second draw in a row for Gregg Berhalter's men leaves everything open for the Stars and Stripes if they want to reach the next round.

Team USA is stil unbeaten in the 2022 FIFA World Cup, but the main problem for them is that they are still looking for their first win in the competition.

Nevertheless, the team's chances of success or to make the next round are still intact, considering that they are only two points away from the top spot of the group.

After having a closer look at what the group holds in store, here are the possible scenarios for the USMNT ahead of their final group match against Iran on November 29.

Win vs Iran

A win for the USMNT against Iran would give the team a spot in the next round regardless of what happens in the game between Wales and England. The only thing left to figure out would be in which position they'd reach the next stage, as a win for the Three Lions would see them drop to second, while a draw between the UK sides could see the matter being sorted out via tiebreakers such as goal difference.

Draw vs Iran

A draw against Iran would see the team end their performance in the tournament, given that they would drop points with the direct rival in their race to finish among the top two. In case Wales beats the English side, the USMNT would finish the tournament in fourth place of the group, while a draw in the other game will keep Berhalter's men in third place and would give Iran the spot in the next round.

Loss to Iran

If a draw against Iran left the team out of the tournament, a loss would be even more devastating, as it would represent the worst performance by the Stars and Stripes since their last-place finish in 1998. Added to that, it would also become the first time since the 2006 edition where the team did not win a single match. 

So, there you have it. If the USMNT want to make it to the next round, the only way for them to do so would be winning their clash against Iran, a team they have failed to beat in their past two meetings. Will Berhalter's men rise to the occasion and make the next round? We shall know next week...