The team's all-time top scorer has finally had a say about the Portuguese's manners during the last months with the Red Devils.

Rooney had some things to say about Manchester United's season, and he left no stone unturned when speaking about his beloved Red Devils, including his thoughts on Cristiano Ronaldo's behavior.

In a recent interview with TalkSport, Rooney aimed quite a few digs at the Portuguese ace, but his words seem to hint that the player thinks too much of himself and maybe the best thing to do would be to part ways with him the first chance the club gets to do so.

"Messi and him are without a doubt the greatest players ever, and you can choose whoever you want between them, but I think that what he (Cristiano) has done since the beginning of the season is unacceptable for a team like Manchester United," Rooney said.

The former Derby County coach continued his rant against his former teammate, even including Roy Keane as part of his complaints, since Keane has stepped up to defend CR7 when he was quite harsh with his teammates back in the days when all three aces shared the club's dressing room.

"I have seen Roy Keane defending him, but Roy wouldn't accept that if he was the coach. He has become a distraction that the team does not need when they are rebuilding. He should keep his head down, work, and get ready for when the coach needs him. If he does that, he will be a great asset, otherwise, he will turn into an unwanted distraction," Rooney added.

The team's all-time top scorer carried on with his analysis of how the season has gone for the Red Devils, and he chose to praise Erik Ten Hag's approach on some of the tough situations he has faced in the past few months.

"I believe Ten Hag has done a great job. He exercised his authority from Day One and, for the first time in years, I have started to see a version of these club I had not seen in two or three seasons. He has shown his strength and character with the way he handled Cristiano's antics, he makes me feel he is the right man for the job,"Rooney stated.

The former striker then admitted that Manchester United might need to wait a bit before they can be among the top teams in the world one more time thanks to Ten Hag's efforts.

"I think it will take time, but he is a step in the right direction and he will lead us to finish among the top four and back to the UEFA Champions League," Rooney concluded.