The pair had to be separated by their teammates as they made their way to the dugout.

Tottenham Hotspur duo Hugo Lloris and Heung-min Son were almost at each other's throat at half-time in Monday night's encounter with Everton. The pair had to be separated by their teammates as they made their way to the dressing room during the break.

Tempers perceivable flew and what motivated the altercation between seemingly had to do with a mistake by Son. Earlier, an attempt at goal by Giovanni Lo Celso deflected of Michael Keane to give Spurs the lead but the incident involving the former almost gifted the Toffees an equalizer.

The South Korean attacker conceded possession and effortlessly jogged back, allowing Richarlison in to almost restore parity. After the halftime whistle, an angry Hugo Lloris immediately confronted Son, sparking the fracas. Ahead of the resumption of the second-half, the pair were seen in an embrace before they made their way onto the field. They did same at full time as well.

Watch the incident below:

In a post-match interview, Lloris confirmed that the clash was due to the role Son played in creating an opportunity for Richarlison to almost score.

"Yeah (it was the Richarlison chance that caused it). I think to concede the chance a few seconds before half-time because we don't make the pressing properly, that annoyed me. But that's football."

"It just belongs to the changing room. Outside you can say whatever you want, there is a lot of respect between all the players in the changing room.

"What happened between me and Son is just something that is part of football sometimes, but there is no problem at all. "As you can see at the end of the game, we are more than happy to be part of the team and have the three points."

Tottenham headcoach Jose Mourinho, in his post-game remarks to Sky Sports, also stated that the incident was "beautiful".

"It's probably as a consequence of our meetings." he added.

"If you want to blame someone for that it's me. I was critical of my boys - they were not critical enough with themselves.

"I asked them to be more demanding of each other. Son is an amazing kid, everybody likes Son but the captain told him you have to do more and give more to the team.

"It's something needed for the team to grow up - to grow up you need big personalities. When you have that reaction I had no doubts."