An overview of broadcasters globally for the 2019/2020 season, and if there have been any changes due to COVID-19.

With the Primeira Liga resuming action in just a few days (June 3rd), fans around the world are surely looking forward to seeing their favorite teams back on the pitch.

However, due to the spread of COVID-19, which started in Wuhan, China sometime in 2019 and has now since hit every single continent except Antarctica, things will not be par for the course once matchday 25 kicks off this Wednesday. Rather, there will be some stringent rules and regulations applied in order to keep players, staff, and other safe and to avoid the contagion from spreading further.

This includes fans forced to follow their favorite teams from home as the stadiums will be closed, so the burning question is: Which broadcasters will be covering the rest of the 2019/2020 Primeira Liga season in my country (or geographic location)?

Another two questions fans may have is: Have any of the broadcasters changed since the Primeira Liga went on pause on March 12th? Have any new broadcasters been added?

We have all your answers to those queries below!

For fans living in the United States, there are a plethora of options that are available, and none have changed during the two month pause.

GOLTV USA provides fans both English and Spanish coverage of Primeira Liga matches. FuboTV and Fanatiz are also another options for live-streaming and on-demand access, also available in English and Spanish.

Portuguese-language speakers based in the United States can check out RTP International and Benfica TV for TV broadcasts and live-streaming options of matches throughout the remainder of the season. However, keep in mind that Benfica TV focuses on the team's home matches

For supporters living in Portugal, the main providers are still the same, so no worries there. There's SporTV Portugal, as well as Benfica TV and Benfica TV Live Match (with a focus on, of course, highly decorated club Benfica for live-streaming, on-demand, and TV broadcasts).

For viewers in the UK, have a look at Premier Media and FreeSports TV UK for English-language access. If you speak Portuguese, and are a huge supporter of world-famous club Benfica, then Benfica TV International, a specialty channel operated by the club is a good resource for TV and live-streaming coverage for the team's home games.

For supporters residing in Canada, check out GOLTV Play for English-language coverage. RTP International provides Portuguese-language coverage; another source for speakers of Portuguese is Benfica TV, which as noted before will cover the Eagles' home games.

Do you call France home? RTP International is a source; however it's only for Portuguese-language coverage for specific matches throughout the remainder of the season.

For viewers living in Australia, RTP International will be providing Portuguese-language coverage for select matches throughout the remainder of the season.

Moving on to fans who live outside the above mentioned six countries, we have now broken down broadcasters by continent or region. In some cases, specific countries are listed under their respective continents:


  • RTP Africa and Sport TV Africa will provide coverage for most countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. In addition, Benfica TV International, a specialty channel owned and operated by Benfica, provides Portuguese-language TV and live-streaming coverage of Benfica's home games for the following African countries: Angola, Cape Verde, and Mozambique.


  • China: Tencent
  • Hong Kong: No channel available
  • India: No channel available
  • Indonesia: No channel available
  • Japan: SKY PerfecTV
  • Macau: TDM
  • Malaysia: No channel available
  • Singapore: No channel available


  • Austria: DAZN
  • Cyprus: Cytavision Sports
  • Croatia: Sportklub Croatia
  • Czech Republic: Sport1
  • Germany: DAZN, sportdigital
  • Greece: Cosmote Sport
  • Hungary: Sport1
  • Luxembourg: Benfica TV
  • Netherlands: Ziggo Sport
  • Romania: Look Sport
  • Russia: Match TV
  • Serbia: Sportklub Serbia
  • Slovenia: Sportklub Slovenia
  • Spain: RTP International
  • Switzerland: Benfica TV
  • Turkey: S Sport
  • Ukraine: Sport1

Middle East

  • Israel: Sport 1

North America

  • Mexico: ESPN
  • Caribbean: ESPN Caribbean

South America

  • Argentina: ESPN
  • Brazil: ESPN, RTP International
  • Colombia: ESPN