Three Viola players have been diagnosed with coronavirus since the outbreak began, but that's not the main reason for Fiore's boss to ask the league to end.

The possibility of watching all European leagues getting canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic is real, and the president of one of the teams that has been hit the hardest by the disease urged his colleagues to do the right thing and end the 2019-20 campaign as it is right now.

Speaking in an interview with Radio Rai, Fiorentina's president Rocco Commisso came clean about how the current crisis will hit teams and fans, which should force Serie A games to end at least for the time being.

"The economy in Italy has been disrupted. I've sent a letter to my employees and to my players to tell them they should think first about their health and later about football. I don't know if this season will resume, but the possibility of cancelling it grows with each passing day," Commisso said.

Fiorentina has been hit hard by the disease, since three players have tested positive for the disease. The Viola president left the country to isolate himself in New York, where he described the current scenario as something similar to what happened during the attacks of September 11, 2001.

"Under some points of view, this is worse than it was during September 11. 2,000 people are dead now. We are now living in isolation with my wife and our daughter," Commisso added.