Women’s soccer players and fans have kept busy the past few days training for the #StayAtHomeChallenge. All you need is a roll of toilet paper. The rest is on you.

You may have probably seen videos on Twitter or Instagram of people juggling rolls of toilet paper. And undoubtably, some of these people have mad skills in doing so.

Take a look at LiveSoccerTV's Top 10 WoSo #StayAtHomeChallenge on Twitter and Instagram.

10. Michelle Maemone

The Utah Royals defender makes it into the list at tenth place. Great save by the door frame, but you need to become one with the roll. A little more practice will do!

9. SuperNerdJG14

This man took care of some serious business. He strapped on those Adidas tight and challenged Arsenal duo Jackie Groenen and Leah Williamson to the #StayAtHomeChallenge after 20 successful keepy-ups. However, you cannot finish at the top of the list only using your dominant foot. I loved every second of the video, though. 

8. Leah Burridge 

Sixteen keepy-ups, good control and good use of both feet by Plymouth Argyle LFC's Leah Burridge. Well done!

7. Adam Abel's player

Coach Adam Abel is developing some exciting talent and that is a fact. Great control and 10/10 for her reaction at the end of the video. You can just see how proud this challenge can make you feel.

6. Mia

Mia has exemplified what being one with the roll is all about. She had siblings around her, but that was no problem for her. Her ability to control the toilet paper roll is surreal and the celebration at the end is 100% justifiable. 

5. Diana Groth

Alright, business is getting serious now. Diana is not playing around starting her video with an around the world. After that, pure class. Extra points for the shadow effect and setting. 

4. Eugenie Le Sommer

Short but sweet. French forward Eugenie Le Sommer has shown her incredible skill on the pitch, but who knew it would translate to her skill with the roll? Turns out she is a true natural. The around the world and the flow of the finish was perfect. Tough to beat.

3. Laura Bartup

Barnet's Laura Bartup had the greatest number of touches (42) out of the pack. An incredible fit, but it missed a bit of flair and a good finish. Sorry, but the digital crown will not be going your way on this list.

2. Jacynta Galabadaarachchi

The Australia footballer is not playing games. By far, the cleanest combo. Short and performed to perfection, but not number one.

1. Any Russ

Amy Russ takes the digital crown! Creative and clean start followed by close control even with the red couch posing a threat to her feat. She was able to get away from the couch and keep knocking the roll up in the air. Despite being let down by her weak foot, she was able to volley it against her door. Control, passion and technique won it for you Amy. Congrats!