As we prepare for a blockbuster clash between Chelsea and Manchester United at the Bridge, Live Soccer TV previews the five players who could make a difference for the Blues.
The titanic clash between Chelsea and Manchester United this Wednesday will definitely live up to its expectations like it has always done prior to this. This match represents a huge lot of things for both teams who have had two different seasons so far.

Chelsea will be looking to salvage an already down falling season that has seen them drop away from the title race for the Premier League. Massive amount of money were spent last January when the likes of Fernando Torres and David Luiz were brought in to bolster their squad ranks.

Nevertheless, the importance of this match is rather unquestionable for Chelsea. Do they have what it takes to succeed? Live Soccer analyses five key players who will be important for the Blues.


If there is one player who can be hailed as the best left back in the world, it is definitely Ashley Cole. The dynamic fullback has improved by leaps and bounds since joining Chelsea and will definitely be a key figure in Chelsea's game this Wednesday.

Cole will either go up against Antonio Valencia or even Nani and it is pretty obvious that these two players could cause a serious amount of damage if Cole fails to provide secure defensive cover on his side of the flanks. Another massive part of Ashley Cole's importance is his attacking support as well. Cole' support down the flanks would be a huge help in assisting Chelsea's attacks.


What else can be said about the England and Chelsea captain? His leadership quality will be extremely massive in a game with such high importance being placed on it. Champions League nights are always special ones especially with the added intensity present in it.

And Terry will be absolutely crucial for Chelsea as the Devils will be going all out from the beginning to snatch a crucial away goal. Alongside his defensive duties, Terry's aerial threats on set-piece situations is also a side benefit for the Blues.


Regarded by many as one of the finest midfielders in the world, Ghana's Essien definitely has an important role to play on Wednesday. Manchester United will be banking on the likes of Rooney and Hernandez to provide that touch of class upfront and Essien will be expected to protect and guard just in front of their back four. The Ghanaian has been in reasonable form this season and Carlo Ancelotti will definitely be having high hopes on him in order to prevent United from establishing themselves into the match.


The Frenchman hasn't really hit any sort of new heights with Chelsea this season and Wednesday's game offers Malouda a chance to prove that he has what it takes to succeed at the highest level. Rafael will be expected to start at right-back and history would show how the Brazillian has previously crumbled at this exact stage of the competition last season. The stage has been set and the rest depends on Malouda himself.


Despite the arrival of Fernando Torres and the imminent presence of Nicholas Anelka, there has to be a special reason why Drogba's performance could very well be one of the most important aspects of Wednesday's game to the Blues. Yes, it is pretty obvious that the Ivorian hasn't been the usual striker he has always been this season.

But that definitely doesn't prevent him from being the man for big occasions. Drogba's record against Manchester United definitely proves that the Devil's backline pretty much hate him. If his physical presence is maximized to perfection then believe us when we say that if Drogba shines, Chelsea will shine.