The Special One spoke about the incident right after the game concluded with a 1-0 loss for Spurs.

Jose Mourinho's start of the year was not what he had planned, and this latest gesture by the Special One is a reflection of what went down during the game between Spurs and Southampton.

The year began with a 1-0 loss for Mourinho's men, and in a desperate attempt to turn things around, Mourinho found himself looking at the notes of one of Ralph Hassenhüttl's men. The Portuguese manager was reported by the fourth official and the ref proceeded to book him for this hilarious yet strange behavior.

Have a look (Image might be geo-restricted).

When asked about the incident in the post-match press conference, Mourinho admitted his behavior was not what you'd expect from a Premier League manager, but he tried to justify his actions as a consequence of something that had happened earlier in the game.

Those words by the manager may get him in trouble with the FA, but even if that's the case, fans seem to relish on the fact that the "real" Jose Mourinho is back. Only time will tell if it's good or bad news for Tottenham.