The French goalkeeper had to be stretchered out from the game against Brighton due to a nasty elbow injury.

Football fans around the world were wondering about Hugo Lloris' medical situation, and Tottenham Hotspur has finally decided to share the recovery process the footballer will follow before he can think about getting back to the pitch.

The team ruled out the possibility of Lloris needing surgery after Saturday's incident, but given the nature of the injury, the 2018 World Cup winner with France will have to watch the rest of the year on the sidelines.

Les Bleus' coach Didier Deschamps also shared his views on how Lloris' absence will be dealt with by the French National Team.

"We are talking about weeks, even months. He will not return to the field in 2019, it is a near certainty. It's a loss for us," Deschamps said.

Tottenham may hand Paulo Gazzanigga the team's No.1 spot until Lloris' return, but that could change if the footballer can't fill the Frenchman's gloves.