Tammy Abraham's penalty was denied by Adrian San Miguel, but there were reasons to believe that it should have been repeated.

The third UEFA Super Cup loss in a row for Chelsea could have ended differently, since the game-winning penalty for Liverpool had a major mistake by referee Stephanie Frappart.

The game had seen a controversial call going up to the scoreboard, when Jorginho transformed a penalty during the extra time which was verified by VAR technology. But this time, even if the ref had warned Adrian to keep at least one foot, the Spanish goalie denied Abraham by failing to observe FIFA's rules for penalty shootouts, which demand goalkeepers not to move ahead of the goal line before the ball is hit.

Look at the evidence and decide for yourself (Image might be geo-restricted).

Liverpool have claimed their second title in 2019, but some believe that thing could have changed if referee Frappart had observed the rules when it mattered the most.