The tension is high ahead of Bayern Munich vs Inter. However, Live Soccer TV offers you to release a bit of stress with a little sense of humour.

Bayern Munich vs Inter and the top 5 quotes from Coach Leonardo and companyBayern Munich vs Inter is a huge game for both teams involved and preparations ahead of this UEFA Champions League Last 16 match are enormous as well. Each interview has created a new headline in the news, but Live Soccer TV now suggests you to have all those at one place.

We look at the top 10 quotes from the people that will contribute in celebrating European football at the Allianz Arena on Tuesday night. What do the following quotes reveal? Which team seems to be the most focussed and confident? Bayern Munich or Internazionale?

Inter Coach Leonardo To The Press:

“Now is the time, and the players know it. [On Tuesday], it will be a great battle and we will do everything to go through.”


Let’s not assume anything, but there’s a question one may ask. What does “everything” mean? Bayern Munich fans will be praying that Inter do not include fouling the referee as an option to turn the tables around.

Neutrals, meanwhile, may be tired of being exposed to too much controversy as we say at the Camp Nou between Barcelona and Arsenal. A “normal” show will be good enough for the public’s entertainment.

Bayern Munich Coach Louis van Gaal To The Press:

“Inter are very strong opponents, so we have to be very careful. They played the same way at the San Siro, just as they did in last year’s final.

“From my point of view, we were the better team in both matches; but we lost one, won one.”
And the other, will you draw it? Now that’s maybe how to make the most of mixed results!

Inter Forward Goran Pandev To

“Shall I name three reasons why Inter will beat Bayern? Well, the first is that our fans really deserve a victory. The second is that this squad is relishing the big games, and the third is obvious: we are Inter!”

Ex-Inter And Bayern Player Lothar Matthaeus To Mediaset:

“I have an Inter heart, it is Nerazzurro. I was at San Siro for the first leg and I wasn’t happy with Bayern winning.”

Must Matthaeus start learning how to add the red and white colours in his black and blue heart?

Bayern Munich Legend Franz Beckenbauer To Calcio Mercato:

“I think that stadiums are playing a big role in the decline of Italian football. The stadiums they have in Italy are simply not good enough.

“Italian football needs a big international tournament to freshen things up a bit.”

Which tournament could that be, Franz? And are stadiums really the cause of Italian football’s decline?