The Spanish goalkeeper has been urged by the doctors in charge of his health to keep from returning to the pitch to ensure a full recovery.

The world of football was shocked on Wednesday as Iker Casillas was rushed to the hospital due to a heart attack. Well, the aforementioned condition could have major consequences for the footballer, who had recently penned a new deal with Porto.

Casillas will be forced to miss the Dragons' final games of the season, but that is not all that's at stake for the La Roja record-man.

Sources inside Porto have told Spanish newspaper Marca that the footballer's career could be forced to an abrupt end, since his recovery process might take too long. Added to that, his age (38) and the effort it takes to be a professional footballer could also force Casillas out of the pitch.

The goalkeeper will have to decide what's next for him, but even if he chooses to hang up his gloves, the Portuguese club has already offered him a position in the team's front office, where he could keep close to the beautiful game if he cannot play it anymore.

Either way, all we can wish Casillas is a speedy recovery and the clarity of mind to decide if he's done playing.