Both players have been absent from El Tri since 2010; Vela for personal reasons and Dos Santos due to several injuries.

 Despite all things said and done against Carlos Vela, Mexico’s coach Miguel Herrera confirmed his intention of calling him up again to play for El Tri. “El Piojo” wanted Vela to be a part of Mexico’s national team  so he could play in Brazil, but Vela declined. Nevertheless, Herrera pointed out that if Vela refuses one more time, he will never try to call him again.

“We’ve got three FIFA matchdays ahead of us, and we will use them to evaluate players that haven’t been with us. I’m going to talk again with Vela so we know if he is interested to come with us,” coach Herrera said during a press conference.

On the other hand, Jonathan Dos Santos was part of the preliminary team towards World Cup 2010, but he didn’t make the final cut, leaving his place to Adolfo Bautista. The father’s player, Zizinho, was severely disgusted with this decision, and he went on saying his son would never play again for Mexico. 

“We’ll have to talk to him and see if he is interested. I know he’s had a rough history with the National Team, but we’ll try to convince him this is a new start for everybody,” Herrera concluded.

Vela is currently recovering from an injury to his left foot, while Jonathan Dos Santos moved to Villarreal after a four year spell with Barcelona, spending most of that time injured.

Dos Santos & Vela with El Tri, back in 2010.