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Lopetegui's 'shopping list' revealed

Real Madrid's tactics and new signings under Lopetegui revealed

Üzgünüz,bu sayfa sadece English dilinde mevcut.

Haziran 18, 2018 Tarafından Oscar Rojas
The newly-appointed coach has asked Florentino Pérez to splash cash in order to have the best possible squad available.

With Zinedine Zidane out of the picture, Real Madrid will start working under a new boss this summer. Coach Julen Lopetegui's homework includes dealing with those players that will leave the club, but even more importantly, those that will take their places.

Los Blancos' new manager has already given Florentino Pérez his wishlist for this summer's transfer window, which includes at least four signings. According to Spanish website Don Balón, Lopetegui wants to focus the team's reinforcemente in the lower half of the pitch, since three of his proposed signings are aimed to strengthen the defense.

The first order of business for Lopetegui will be to sign a goalkeeper. Although Alisson Becker seems to be getting closer by the minute, Lopetegui wants Florentino to make an effort to sign David De Gea. Lopetegui knows the shot-stopper very well due to their time together with Spain, and ever since his shocking appointment last week, several media outlets suggested this possibility.

Lopetegui's next moves will be focused on bringing defenders to the Bernabeu. The first one involves Spanish right back Alvaro Odriozola, who's been on Real Madrid's radar for almost a year, and who has also been coached by Lopetegui in La Roja. His $46M buyout clause makes him a rather cheap choice, given his age and skills. The other signing would involve a center back, with Jerome Boateng's name being linked with a move to the Spanish capital.

Real Madrid's final transfer this summer would have to do with a striker, and Robert Lewandowski's name has been linked once again with Los Blancos. Bayern München execs have been pretty clear about their intentions to keep the striker around, but that doesn't mean Florentino Pérez will cease and desist easily.

Lopetegui plots to say goodbye to the "BBC Attack"

With these moves, Lopetegui's tactics would change Real Madrid's landscape, and that change would mean that the BBC will no longer be a thing at the Bernabeu. The Basque boss is keen on using the 4-4-2 formation, giving Isco complete freedom as the team's playmaker, and his decision would see Gareth Bale and Karim Benzema leaving the club. Added to their names, Keylor Navas and Raphael Varane may be shown the exit door, while right back Achraf Hakimi is sent on loan to help him develop his skills.

We'll maybe have to wait for the end of the World Cup to find out if these rumors are true, but there seem to be signs of truth behind all these words. 



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