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Bayern veterans forced Ancelotti's sacking

Two Bayern veterans blamed for Ancelotti's sacking as Bayern boss

К сожалению, единственный доступный язык для этой страницы – English.

Сентябрь 28, 2017 подготовил(-а) Oscar Rojas
The Italian boss was fired after a slow start of the season in the Bundesliga and the UEFA Champions League, where they were slammed by PSG.

The news about Carlo Ancelotti's dismissal as Bayern Munich's tactician shouldn't come as a surprise, especially due to the fact that the Italian had a bad relationship with some of his veteran stars, who were supported by members of the team's board.

The team's disappointing performance in this summer's transfer window and some poor results in the beginning of the Bundesliga fueled speculation about a harsh relationship between Ancelotti and the team's leaders, with Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery being blamed for starting a riot inside Bayern's locker room.

According to Sport Bild, both players fell down Ancelotti's pecking order due to their frequent injuries, but their excellent relationship with some of Bayern's execs, such as Uli Hoeness, forced the team to fire Ancelotti.

Both players had frequent arguments with the Italian boss since they believed to deserve more playing time. 

In fact, Robben's words following the 3-0 defeat against PSG on Wednesday hinted that there was a fracture in the relationship between Ancelotti and his squad. These were the Dutch wingman's statements when asked if the team backed their former boss.

"I won't answer that question. It was a painful loss and we can talk about it if you want. We, as a squad, have to keep working together," Robben stated.

Meanwhile, Franck Ribery walked past the media muttering the following lines.

"It's better if I keep my mouth shut. I have to think hard about what I'm going to say," the French player added.

Who will become Bayern's next boss?

With Ancelotti's departure from the team, rumors have already started to circle the Bavarian club. While Willy Sagnol takes the team's coaching duties as an interim manager, the best option for the team right now is Thomas Tuchel, Borussia Dortmund's former boss and currently out of a job. Other options include Louis Van Gaal, who watched the team play yesterday at Parc des Princes, and even Hoffenheim's coach Julian Nagelsmann, which would be the long-term choice due to his commitment with the blue and white side.



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