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Mick Jagger, blamed for English downfall

English fans blame 'Mick Jagger's curse' for Three Lions' WC exit

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Julio 11, 2018 Por Oscar Rojas
The rockstar was present at Luzhniki Stadium to watch the semi-final between England and Croatia, and the team's supporters weren't happy about it.

When you can't explain why your team lost a crucial game, you can always blame a "jinxed" rock star.

Rock icon Mick Jagger, one of the most praised vocalists of his generation, is also an avid football fan. He's been spotted in several football games rooting for the Three Lions, and when they end up being eliminated, he likes to keep on cheering other teams. The only problem is that every team he ends up supporting ends being kicked out of the competition.

The "Mick Jagger curse" started during the 2010 FIFA World Cup, when he made an appearance at the game between England and Germany. That match was won by Germany with a 4-1 score. Things got uglier when he appeared at the game between the USMNT and Ghana. Jagger decided to support the American side, which ended up losing against the Ghanaian crew.

Four years ago, Jagger showed his support to the following teams: Italy, Portugal, England and Brazil. Three of those teams were eliminated in the earlier stages of the competition, and to make matters worse, he was shown rooting for A Canarinha during their infamous 7-1 loss against Germany.

Jagger joined the party at Moscow today, and fans started fearing the worse.

After their 2-1 loss against Croatia, fans took it against the rock star, who's "Sympathy for the Devil" doesn't seem to help any team he supports.



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